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Strategic Plan

In May, 2011, the Board of Directors of the Hoosic River Watershed Association (HooRWA) hired a new Executive Director. One of the priorities of the Executive Director, as well as that of the Board, was to review and revise the last Strategic Plan, initially developed in 2004 and revised in 2008. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, and coming off a recently concluded 3-year operating budget pledge campaign, the Board and staff agreed that this was a good time to seek new ideas and input, to develop a plan that supports membership growth and retention, to raise the profile of this successful but quiet organization and thereby inspire the Board, staff and organization members.
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HooRWA was founded in 1986 as a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Over the years, we’ve had remarkable achievements, thanks to dedicated volunteers and riparian restoration projects. Full page »

Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors 2017

President, Andy Kawczak

Vice President, Thom Gentle

Secretary. Wendy Hopkins

Treasurer, Harold Brotzman

Gordon Batcheller

John Case

Sarah Gardner

Nick Howe

Tom Hyde

Karin Landry

Mark Merrell

Elayne Murphy

Jim Niedbalski

Lauren Stevens

Executive Director

Steve McMahon

Bylaws of the Hoosic River Watershed Association, Inc.
Approved Unanimously, February 5, 2007
Revised April 6, 2009
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Our Mission and Vision


The Hoosic River Watershed Association is the citizens’ group that looks after the river. We are dedicated to the restoration, conservation and enjoyment of the Hoosic River and its watershed, through education, research, and advocacy. We envision a watershed that is ecologically sound and adds to the quality of life of its residents.


Every member helps HooRWA. You not only provide support for our programs– you add volume to HooRWA’s voice when we speak out for policies that will ensure a clean, safe river and a healthy watershed.

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Overland Adventures teens on a cleanup

Overland Adventures teens on a cleanup

Volunteers have always been HooRWA’s backbone, whether dragging trash out of the river or providing highly specialized expertise. They include paddling enthusiasts, business owners, event organizers, teachers, artists, ecologists, parents, environmental scientists, planners, students, and –mostly!– people who just like taking care of our rivers and streams. Whether you are most comfortable in a boat, an office, a classroom, or a laboratory, there’s work to be done at HoorWA.
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Williams intern Elana Boehm, immersed in her work.

Williams intern Elana Boehm, immersed in her work.

Internships are often available for undergraduate or graduate students who want experience in research, education, grassroots organization, or related fields. Intern projects have included; performing water chemistry, designing programs for children, maintaining interpretive trails, and learning how nonprofits operate day-to-day.

Internships are not generally funded by HooRWA, however outside support may be available. Contact us to discuss opportunities.

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