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Zebra Mussels

The zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, is a species of small freshwater mussel, an aquatic bivalve mollusc. This species was originally native to the lakes of southeast Russia. However, it has been accidentally introduced in many other areas, and has become an invasive species in many different countries.

Following the discovery of zebra mussels in Laurel Lake (Lee and Lenox, Massachusetts), Biodrawversity LLC was hired to conduct a Phase I Assessment of 17 Berkshire County lakes and the mainstem Housatonic River for the presence of zebra mussels and the potential of these waterbodies to support zebra mussels based on physical, chemical, and biological parameters. The one waterbody in our watershed included in the assessment, Cheshire Reservoir, is considered at high risk based on water chemistry, although no zebra mussels were found. The full report can be found here

And a report entitled a rapid response plan for the zebra mussel contains excellent background information including species identification, ecology, and potential control measures. It is available here

The following description of the organism and its ecology is from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
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