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This page has resources for watershed study in the classroom and on field trips. Those that are not specific to the Hoosic watershed may be adapted, using information in our website and resources on our other Links pages. Where possible, we have indicated connections to education standards and frameworks in MA, VT, and NY. Printable Links for Educational Resources

Please Share! If YOU have Hoosic Watershed curriculum, unit plans, or lesson plans, we would be happy to post them here as down-loadable files.

Curriculum Sources

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Publications and Other Media

In addition to information available on the HooRWA website, the HooRWA office has reference material, videos, and CDs related to watershed education. An annotated list of HooRWA library resources will be available soon. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us for more information.
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Supplies for Activities and Field Trips

The Streamkeepers Catalog
Not an exhaustive supply but some handy items, e.g., nets and thermometers.

This company markets water testing kits specifically for educators.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
The CT DEP has a user-friendly protocol for sampling and identifying benthic macroinvertebrates as a way of determining water quality in a “wade-able” stream. It is designed for volunteer groups in CT but could be adapted for local classroom use. Their website provides down-loadable identification cards and instructions, including a detailed equipment list. The equipment itself can be assembled from household items, plus a scientific supply company or one of the sources above.
[If you are interested in sampling benthic macroinvertebrates, there is MUCH more information available, but this is a good manageable starting point.]

Hoosic Lesson Plans

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Hoosic Field Trips

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