Publications and web documents

Histories of Hoosic River Towns A summarized chronology of river-related events and scenes in Hoosic
watershed towns. Compiled summer 2005 from various sources by Williams College intern
Erin Blanchard.

The Hoosac Valley: Its Legends and Its History
Grace Greylock Niles. New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1912.

History of Rensselaer Co., New York
With illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett,. Philadelphia. Everts & Peck. 1880. Available online (membership fee required).

Stillwater, NY Town History (with links to related sources)

The Battle of Bennington
On Virtual Vermont (click on History)

Teacher resources about the Battle of Bennington

The Hoosac Tunnel:
At PBSAt Berkshire Web

Advocate Weekly article, Oct 2005, about historic floods, as pdf file: Link under construction.

These documents related to the Hoosic are available through local library networks:

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