Whole communities can also have an active role in reducing non-point source pollution. Some of the options are:

  1. Labeling storm drains
  2. To raise awareness that stormwater goes straight to the Hoosic River. Contact HooRWA for more information about local storm drain labeling.

  3. Community Stream Teams
  4. Forming volunteer Community Stream Teams to check the river periodically and troubleshoot runoff problems. For more about stream teams, see the Mass Riverways Adopt-A-Stream webpage or contact HooRWA by phone (413-458-2742) or e-mail.

  5. Low Impact Developement
  6. Adopting Low Impact Development (LID) policies or regulations to help minimize runoff and impervious surfaces. To learn more about Low Impact Development, see the Low Impact Development Toolkit.

  7. Stormwater Management Strategic Plans
  8. Stormwater Management Strategic Plans such as the one designed by the Town of Adams address many aspects of non-point source pollution.