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Happenings in the Watershed

HooRWA’s Summer 2014 newsletter is now available for downloading from this website. It can be found in the NEWSLETTER box at the left side of this page.

During the last several months, Lauren Stevens has been hosting a series of shows on Willinet entitled “Hoosic River Watershed Association presents: Our River with …” Well worth viewing. And you can do so by pasting the following url into your browser http://willinet.org/ Or clicking here to get to the Willinet webpage. Then enter “Hoosic River” into the Search Shows box at the top right side of the page and click on “Search”. This will display a listing of the shows that Lauren has hosted to date. And which can be viewed on your computer or online.

The Williamstown Historical Museum is now hosting Lauen Stevens’“The peaceful river floweth gently by”—usually. A Brief History of the Hoosac Valley . Go to “The River” section, then “History”. Or click here. Comments are welcome. If you are looking for more information on or images of the Hoosic, you can look through the Williamstown Historical Museum’s online collection by clicking here.

The entire proceedings of the State of the River Conference “Irene + 1” can now be found on Willinet’s website. Descriptions and links can be found on this website on the “State of the River Conference” page under “Ongoing Projects” at the left side of this page. Each of the 3 segments can be viewed separately. ‘Tis interesting, informative, and well worth a look. Enjoy.

Kelly Nolan’s Hoosic River Report Card for 2012 is now available from our website by visiting the Monitoring/Results page and downloading from there.

There is a returnable bottle & can Redemption Center in North Adams, where you can redeem your bottles and cans (run by humans, so no machine to malfunction) and get cash or donate the proceeds to local charities, run by B-Fair, a North Adams non profit as a money maker for them as well as the local charities. HooRWA is on their list so you can donate to HooRWA.

The address is 1000 Massachusetts Ave, at the corner of Mass Ave and Protection Ave. And the hours are
Tuesday – Friday 10 Am – 3 PM
Saturday 9 Am – 2 PM

Check it out and tell your friends!

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Get your Watershed Map


You can now get your watershed map right here on our website!
Check out our Paddling the Hoosic page to see an online version of the map and to buy your own copy.

This is a guide to the paddling experience that can be had on the Hoosic River and its larger tributaries. Depending on water level, the Hoosic presents exciting and scenic canoeing, kayaking or rafting. Because the Hoosic is a fast-draining system, best boating is likely to be in the spring or during the autumn rainy season, but any significant rainfall will have an effect on water levels.