We cannot do this work alone. This section contains links to information about the history, quality, flow, and life of the Hoosic Watershed. If you have links to add, let us know, we are always interested in updating our information.

Pollution and Polluted Sites

A snapshot of PCBs in the Hoosic River: PCB levels in sediment, crayfish and brown trout in the Tri-State area. Senior thesis by Williams College chemistry major Elaine Denny (2004), is available at Schow Science Library (413)-597-4500 or at the HooRWA office (413)-458-2742.

Water Quality in the Hudson River Basin, NY and Adjacent States, 1992-1995 contains some data about pollutants in the Hoosic.

Photech site cleanup in Williamstown, MA, 2005. (Article)

Superfund sites:
Pownal Tannery
Burgess Brothers (Bennington and Woodford VT) and Tansitor Electronics (Bennington VT)
Former Berkshire Tanning Co., Ashton Ave, North Adams, MA

Release of Copper Sulfate at Hoosick

Hydropower sites

Hoosic flood chutes
For recent developments, see Spring 2005 and Summer 2005 HooRWA newsletters.

Flood and Flood Data

United States Geological Survey

General Watershed Information

Natural history of the Berkshires

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Biomes of the World – This website has an excellent overview of rivers and watersheds for general readers.

National Watershed Network – A general watershed information site by the Conservation Technology Information Center (National Association of Conservation Districts).

EPA Surf Your Watershed – General information about the Hoosic watershed; also links to educational material.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Hudson-Hoosic Watershed Profile
– Has links to other information about environmental parameters, related organizations, etc., in the Hudson-Hoosic watershed

Massachusetts Heritage Living Waters program

Geography and Maps

Hudson Basin – Location of map for the Hudson-Hoosic unit of Hudson basin.

Mapserver – Great resource! To view printable topographic maps of the watershed (or anywhere else), go to this website and follow directions.

Hudson River Drainage Basin – Surface Water – Description of the surface features of the Hoosic River in the Hudson basin, including water use, impoundments, etc.


Berkshire Taconic Landscape – Background information on the formation of the Berkshire Taconic landscape, Massachusetts.

Bedrock geology – of the Hoosic basin in Massachusetts.

NY Geology – Overview of NY Geology for general readers who are curious about landforms and geology of the northeast US.

The New York Geology Resource Forum – A central source for information related to
the geology of New York State.

The Vermont Geological Survey – (Division of Geology and Mineral Resources) in the VT Department of Environmental Conservation. Info on geology, mineral resources and topography of VT.

Archeology and History

Publications and web documents

Histories of Hoosic River Towns A summarized chronology of river-related events and scenes in Hoosic
watershed towns. Compiled summer 2005 from various sources by Williams College intern
Erin Blanchard.
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Water Quality

(See also the Advocacy page)

Water Quality

    • EPA Water Quality Assessment Data for Hudson-Hoosic Watershed in 2002

New York

    • State Water Quality Standards.

Vermont Water Managment Division Homepage
New York

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